Why get support?

The grief associated with pregnancy and newborn loss is powerful. Feelings of shock, guilt, depression and anger are normal, but grief left unrecognized, ignored, or unmanaged can result in upheaval and unresolved issues for you or your family. 

By actively working through this grief, you will learn to move forward while incorporating this loss into your lives moving forward.

Who leads the group?

Our support meetings are guided by professional facilitators-- trained in group process and grief counseling-- who offer grief education and coping strategies. Facilitators also have access to psychiatric consultation, if any member of the group needs more intensive support. 

Grief is hard work and there are many difficult times after the loss of a baby. Most parents find talking and sharing their experiences in a group setting helps break down the isolation that is experienced after a loss. 

Parents attending the meetings are invited to share their story and experiences with grief. Topics of conversation often focus on common challenges, such as returning to work, relationship issues with your partner, family or friends, parenting through grief, when to get pregnant again, and post-pregnancy health concerns. 

What does the group talk about?


Not a group person?

We recognize that groups are not for everyone. Private consultation with a facilitator is available on an arranged basis. Call us at (720) 946-2828 for more information.