Dorotha Graham Cicchinelli, Executive Director & Founder

A social worker with many years of experience in helping families cope with the grief of child loss, Dorotha co-founded, directed and facilitated the first Fetal & Newborn Loss Program in Colorado. She is an ASPO-certified childbirth educator/parenting instructor, and has published in Fetal and Newborn Loss publications. Dorotha is also an associate clinical professor at the University of Colorado Medical School.


Veronika Hunter, President

Veronika was born and raised in Central Indiana.  She studied Anthropology and Nursing at Indiana University, and then moved to Colorado in 1994. Veronika spent over 16 years in the financial industry as a licensed broker before deciding to focus 100 percent of her efforts on family by taking on the role of stay at home mother.  In 2012 she and her husband experienced the devastating loss of their  newborn daughter.  They utilized the services of Colorado Pregnancy and Newborn Loss, taking full advantage of the program and its healing effects after such a deeply painful and powerful experience.  She and her husband later participated in the Pregnancy After Loss program as well.  Because of the profound impact  of losing an infant and the role CPNL played in the healing process  Veronika joined the board in 2016 in an effort to help others who walk this path.    

Rosa Derieux Pic.jpg

Rosa Derieux, Vice President

Rosie joined the CPNL board in 2015. Before joining the board, Rosie utilized the services provided by CPNL when she lost her twins at 22 weeks gestation. CPNL opened its arms to her and provided the support needed.  She has first-hand knowledge of what many think could never happen to them. Because of the support received from CPNL, Rosie was able to work through her grief and go on to have a healthy daughter. She now volunteers as a host parent.  Rosie is a trial attorney who spends her time playing with her daughter, running 5Ks and hiking. 


Marvin Hersh, Treasurer

Marvin has over 35 years of experience in the medical product and device industries. He has help positions at New Dimensions in Medicine, American Hospital Supply and Baxter Healthcare. Additionally, he served as a consultant specializing in medical product marketing and sales. He spent 13 years with Parker Medical, a ground-breaking, innovative airway management device company, and retired in 2011 after serving as its president. Marvin is currently acting as CEO of ProtechSure, Inc.

Danielle Gianola.png

Danielle Gianola, Secretary

Danielle joined the CPNL board in 2016 after several years as a volunteer and host parent for CPNL’s loss support program. In 2009, she and her husband experienced the death of their son, who was born several months premature. They are forever grateful for CPNL’s loss support and Pregnancy After Loss programs and believe that all parents experiencing a loss should have access to high quality grief support and education. 

Shauna Flege.jpg

Shauna Flege

Shauna Flege joined the board of CPNL in 2014. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working as a perinatal social worker in an outpatient OB/GYN practice. Shauna received services at CPNL after her daughter Ruby was still born in 2009 and additionally experienced early pregnancy loss and infertility. These experiences led to her passion for helping others cope with pregnancy loss. She went on to the Pregnancy After Loss group and has three living daughters. Shauna co-facilitated support groups at CPNL for several years.